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Consulting Services

Change Readiness Assessments

Finance and Business Organization Change Management office uses a series of diagnostic tools to determine your organization’s readiness for a successful transformation effort. Information on attitudes and behaviors gathered during stakeholder interviews and surveys allows us to collectively identify areas of concern and barriers you are likely to encounter during your change efforts.

Communications Strategy & Development

We work closely with units or specific change projects to help develop the appropriate communications strategy to optimize the adoption of the change and minimize negative impacts to customers and employees. We develop the overall communications strategy as well as assist in the development of individual communications before, during, and after on a project.

Training & Employee Development

Our office addresses the impacts to people’s jobs, competencies, and skill sets through a robust training & development plan. Training plans are composed and systematically delivered to meet unit’s needs and promote confidence and capability in employees to adopt the change.  When necessary employee action plans are developed to engage people at the individual level and provide clarity and expectations around the change.

Stakeholder Analysis & Engagement

We use a number of tools and methodologies to prepare a stakeholder analysis and subsequent engagement efforts to ensure change success. We help units and/or projects to first identify and classify all of its’ stakeholders and then prepare and/or deliver an engagement strategy to ensure stakeholder buy in and ease transitions and resistance to change.

Sponsorship Coaching & Development

We recognize the importance that executive sponsors and leaders play in any successful change initiative. We provide direct coaching and skill building work for sponsors at all levels of the F&B organization. We also provide support and training to units and projects on how best to work with and support sponsors in managing a successful change.

Organizational Change Management Strategy Development & Consulting

F&B OCM office can assist in the creation of an overall project change management strategy that utilizes our organizational change framework and series of tools to effectively manage the people side of change. We often work hand in hand with project managers, business analysts, business relations managers, and sponsors to deliver on project goals and outcomes that exceed the norm.