Strategic Budget Approach Initiative (SBAI)

Katz Law Building at Sunset

The Strategic Budget Task Force (SBTF) was formed in December 2018 to examine key issues related to the University's budget processes and make recommendations about a new budgeting approach for Penn State. The SBTF is a part of the Resource Optimization Initiative (ROI) under the Financial Transparency workstream. Four working groups were created to develop the processes, policies, and technology necessary to implement the Strategic Budget Task Force's (SBTF) recommendations, based on the August 2019 SBTF report.

Budgeting Approach Working Group
This group aims to address specific approaches to budgeting that will be adopted by the University. Specific budgeting needs that will need to be addressed are: managing a holistic general funds budget allocation process including carry-forward balances, budgeting all funds, SIMBA integration and reporting, and others.


Multi-Year Planning Working Group
This group will focus on creating an approach to do five-year budget planning for the University as a whole, and within each budget unit. The approach will answer questions such as: how we define a budget unit; how we create a five-year budget; and issues with forecasting and accuracy, among others.

Salary and Job Classification Working Group
To align with the new budgeting approach, the Job and Salary Classification Working Group will create new policies and processes to optimize the human resource classifications. The new budget approach, recommended by the University's Strategic Budget Task Force, urges the University to shift away from the current practice of categorizing general funds as either "permanent" or "temporary." The Job and Salary Working group will implement their recommended changes in three phases. All phases are expected to conclude by June 30, 2021.

Capital Planning Working Group
This group's goal is to create new processes, policies, and planning cycles to best align with the new budgeting approach to create a more holistic approach to planning and budgeting.


The OCM Office Project Consultants

The below members are on the Executive Budget Committee for the Strategic Budget Task Force. The purpose of the Budget Executive Committee is to oversee the working groups attempting to implement the recommendations adopted from the Strategic Budget Task Force report.